Sublinks, crafted using Java Spring Boot, stands as a state-of-the-art link aggregation and microblogging platform, reminiscent yet advanced compared to Lemmy & Kbin.

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Discuss.Online is currently a Lemmy instance I admin. It's a link aggregation social network platform similar to Reddit; however, it's different in that it's federated accross the fediverse.

Utter.Online is a decenteralized micro blogging social network. You can read more about it's platform called Mastodon.

Social.Photo is a decenteralized photo sharing service. You can read more about it's platform called Pixelfed.


I've been an amature photographer for about 13 years now. I've taken thousands of photos. I plan to share them as I dive into my archives and as I take more.

See some of my photos on my Social.Photo profile

3D Printing

I own two 3D printers and regularly print things. I also have designed and published a few things.

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